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Check Out Tom's Band: Tall Brothers

Check Out Tom's Band: Tall Brothers

About Tom's East Vin

TomMy name is Tom Small. I enjoy gardening, cooking, living well and living simply. I play, write and produce humour-infused jazz music with an activist bent ( and I have a passion for all things gustatory.

Valparaiso is Chile's 'Jewel of the Pacific' where in 1994 I had my first taste of good wine. I was in my twenties and on a budget so I was quite content buying litre boxes that cost a fraction of what I paid back in Montreal. My friend Augustine was at the time Chile's top theatre actor and a man of impeccable taste but when he tried to convince me to buy a bottle that was more than four times as much as my bargain-in-a-box — I thought something had seized his senses. I was being scammed.

My first taste confirmed my suspicions. It didn't even taste remotely like wine — or what I thought was wine. This was not 'winey' like my insipid red liquid. This was a symphony of exotic ambrosial flavours wrapped in liquid velvet. I'd been scamming myself. I decided it was okay let myself live a little.

When I taste something that delicious that I have made myself it gives me a thrill and sense of accomplishment not unlike what Alexander the Great must have felt after conquering what he thought was the civilized world.

I want to share that thrill and sense of accomplishment with you. No filthy taxes paid either. In the past decade I have helped many hundreds of people make many thousands of batches of wine. The store I previously managed won Best U-Brew Downtown in 2010 and Best U-Brew Vancouver in 2011 in the Vancouver Courier reader's poll.